"​Over the course of one week I received 4 Reiki attunements from Cheryl.  It was a profound experience.  Before the first attunements, I was at a low point emotionally and experiencing a deep lack of joy.  The night after those two attunements I had a dream that gave things a different perspective.  Over the course of the week following, I was able to see myself and the world in a different light.  Two more Reiki attunements sealed the deal.  I would recommend that everyone receive Reiki.  Cheryl's expertise and ability to channel the energy is clearly evident. Come into it with an open mind and a clear intent for what you want to get out of it." MI

​"Experience the warmth, light and healing upon entering Sharing the Light. You must go and see for yourself, as I could never put into words the many benefits I've received by going. I have been a long time reiki client of Cheryl, who has forever changed my life. All three partners are truly compassionate souls and it's such great energy just to be in their presence. This is the real deal, and Avon, you are blessed to have Sharing the Light in your town. I travel an hour each way to go here, and I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. There is something for everyone's wellness...explore your options and check them out! You'll be happy you did!"  VM

"I’ve had the honor of working with Cheryl Case for several years.  I began my Reiki journey with her as a novice with a thirst for something more meaningful about life.  But like every beginner, I had apprehensions, a lot of radical change and many questions.  In a short time I realized that Cheryl is not just a teacher.  She loves every client that she works with.  She holds your hand through every experience without judgment or the least bit of question.  Her genuine approach helps to release fears, and embrace the changes that will happen in your life after receiving and/or learning Reiki.     Most of all I’ve come to love and respect the traditional methods of Usui Reiki she teaches.  Cheryl stays true to the teachings of Dr. Usui and Mrs Takata, and you will not get a more enriching, authentic Usui Reiki experience from anyone else.  Her many years of experience have brought with her a wealth of knowledge of healing using Reiki, crystals, incenses, sounds, and color, a true holistic approach to your health."   JT

"Those interested in becoming the best intuitive Reiki Practitioners will be led by spirit to come to you.  Once they are in your midst, they will automatically be drawn further to you because of that beautiful heart chakra that I witnessed last night.   You do not create clones of yourself like other teachers.  You create authentic intuitive healers on their terms, not yours.  Each student to you is like a treasure chest to be opened and gone through.  Sometimes the treasure needs to be sifted through to find the real gem (ability) and that is what you help your students do, open their own treasure chests, not make a clone of yours.  The first time you lay your eyes on a student, you wonder what is going to come through." DG

"My experience with Cheryl Case and her Reiki 1 class has really changed me in more ways than I can put to words.    The best word for my experience is Powerful.  Cheryl's ability to put people at ease, teach about the history of Reiki and deliver the attunements has made  me an active Reiki user. " MM

"I would like to thank all of you who sent me Reiki during my recent "altercation " with kidney cancer.  The tumor was removed on June 28, there was no spread to other parts of the body, and there will be no treatment - just watchfulness!  I am convinced that this wonderful outcome is, in great measure, due to the loving, concentrated Reiki I have received from you. The doctor said the tumor came away surprisingly easily and the surgery was shorter than expected.  In addition, I felt pretty normal a week after the surgery and am now ready to get back to making jewelry!  I think all this is a great testimony to the power of Reiki and I am so grateful for all of you!" JP

"I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge of Reiki with me. There are no words to describe this awesome experience. I appreciate how you made me feel so comfortable, as though we had known each other for years. And you explained everything in a way that I could easily understand it. I am also grateful for the contact we had between classes. Your availability to your students is rare. You are such a warm and beautiful person. I will always remember the beginning of my Reiki experience as a special, sacred time and I am so happy that you were there with me, to guide and teach me. You are so knowledgeable and I look forward to learning more from you. Thank you for being you and sharing your incredible gifts with the world!" RL

"Thank you so much for today. Your treatment really relaxed me and I felt at ease and safe with you. I thought that I would let you know that I haven't had any pain in my lower back for at least the last three hours and my back has hurt non stop for months.  It is somewhat stiff but not painful."  DT

"I felt drawn to Cheryl and her calming spirit the moment I met her and I knew instantly that she was the perfect teacher for me. The Reiki classes felt so comfortable and Cheryl answered all of my (many) questions which I appreciated. Her knowledge and background in the healing art made me comfortable being under her instruction. It was a wonderfully spiritual and uplifting experience and I can't wait to begin Reiki 2 with her! Thank you Cheryl for being such a calm and caring teacher" MF