‚ÄčOn my spiritual path, I've had to let go of my preconceived ideas of what was possible. I had to let go of my fears and allow myself to experience new things to find what was right for me. I believe everyone experiences this in their lifetime. Once you have been through it, and become awakened, your compassion to respond to another's pain and their joy is what makes us interconnected. Sharing The Light Wholistic Center is founded on this interconnectedness. We are all here to find that inward, awakened person that recognizes everyone is that loving compassionate person inside. I am blessed to be among a group of individuals that understands this and is working towards helping every person who walks through our door find their light to shine! Sharing The Light is a soul mission we are on leading everyone to their own light. These words don't convey the love and deep connections we feel on a daily basis. We know we are in Divine Light.

We are looking to expand our community and grow our business with YOU! We are offering you Networking Events, workshop space, private space and more. Please consider the STL VIP Premier Membership today!

Sharing The Light hosts a monthly pot luck Network Evening from 6 - 8pm. Bring a potluck and let's share business ideas, samples, business cards and more. This is open to all practitioners, but you get first option to rent a table for your display at a 50% off discount, available upon request.

Hold classes and services that are marketed on our website at a discounted 70/30% split.

Leave merchandise for sale in our Sand Dollar Shop for a 70%/30% split.

Rent Private Session Rooms at 20% off our regular rates, dates based upon availability.

Rent our Illumination room (seats 29), at 20% off the regular rate for two hours once a quarter.

Take 20% off all regular priced classes or sessions you attend at STL!

Leave business cards, flyers and promotional items at STL.

Present a workshop or service at STL during our FREE Try Me Days.

Your business listing in our Membership Directory with link to your business site.

Earn $15 in cash when you refer someone to Cheryl or Suli for Reiki, Crystal Dreaming, AngelLinks, or Tibetan Singing Bowl sessions or Certifications and our drum building classes!

This membership is $350 for a year, and is only available to a limited amount of members.

Please ask for your application today!