Sharing The Light is holding our second annual benefit for Gifts of Love, Sunday, Nov. 11, Noon to 5pm!

About Gifts of Love:
When times are toughest, the working poor who don’t qualify for government assistance are often hit the hardest. National reports indicate that approximately 29% of food insecure individuals are above 185% of the Federal poverty level. In Connecticut, a family of four earning more than $41,347 does not qualify for food assistance. Furthermore, according to the Connecticut Association for Human Services Pathways From Poverty for Connecticut’s Children, nearly one in four Connecticut children live in families where parents work yet struggle to afford the basics, including food, rent, utilities and medicine.

The individuals and families Gifts of Love and Community Farm of Simsbury serve often face a short-term financial crisis due to reduced work hours, illness, divorce, death of a spouse/mate, exiting an abusive relationship, or a significant unexpected increase in expenses. By helping clients meet their most basic needs through food, clothing, housewares, linens and furniture, we enable them to focus on putting their lives back in order and attaining financial independence. 

Sharing The Light is holding our second annual benefit for Gifts of Love, a non-profit organization here in Avon. Please come from noon to 5 pm, and indulge in one of these sessions by donation to Gifts of Love: Usui Reiki with Cheryl, Singing Bowls with Suli, Spiritual Mind Treatment with Caroline, and Chakra Illumination with Shaman Cathy. Visit our vendors: Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski (affordable jewelry), Auri Purity (Ayurvedic Nutrition & Yoga), L Creation (hand crafted bags, backpacks and accessories), Beautycounter, and more! 

Door Prizes:
*Win a drum or a certificate to come build one with Ed!
*Win a one hour Reiki Session with Cheryl!
*Win a Crystal Dreaming Session with Suli!
*Win 3 sessions of Tai Chi with Cynthia!

Consider bringing these items as a donation to Gifts of Love:
*Non-perishable and perishable food (please check expiration dates)
*Cleaning supplies, toiletries and paper products
*Pots, pans and flatware
*Clean, in-season clothing
*Towels, linens and blankets
*Furniture in good condition, especially kitchen tables with chairs, beds and dressers (please do not bring furniture directly - call and schedule a pick up)

About Spiritual Mind Treatment with Carolyn Scotti:

Miracle moment is a specialized and scientific affirmative prayer or treatment. The purpose of treatment is for anything we desire. It is not for the purpose of making things happen but is a way to provide within ourselves an avenue to which they may happen. Affirmative Prayer opens up the avenues of thought and expands our consciousness and lets Reality through. It is the realization of Spirit within us that allows clarity of thought and removes the obstructions and allows Light to enter in! Spiritual Mind Treatment removes doubt and fear and is necessary when confronted with obstructions or obstacles. By surrendering to Infinite Love and Harmony IN this Divine Presence, we begin to realize this powerful Grace and create the life we desire to express!! And so it is!

Second Year Anniversary Celebration, Sunday, Nov. 18!

Join us from Noon to 5 ! Cake, of course! Free give aways and Door Prizes too! 

Specials you won't see any other day of the year!

Crystal Dreaming Gift Certificates: 3 for $250.00, regularly priced at $150.00 for one (save $200!), 1 for $100.00! (save $50)

Tibetan Singing Bowls Gift Certificates: $50.00 for one hour, regularly priced at $80.00!

Usui Reiki Gift Certificates: $50 for one hour, regularly priced at $100.00! 

Sharing The Light Gift Certificates: Buy $100.00. get $30.00 free!

John of God Crystal Light Bed Gift Certificates (coming Election Day!): Buy one, get one free!