Sharing The Light Wholistic Center, LLC invites you to our Intuitive & Psychic Fair!


​​​395 West Avon Rd., Avon, CT 06001
​​​​(860) 936-0012
​​FB: Sharing The Light Wholistic Center, LLC


Time:  1pm to 5pm- individual psychic readings- YOU decide the price and time!

 Vendor Information and Application Form

Vendor Space:  The vendor space in the common area includes a 4’ table and 2 chairs for $50.  If you prefer a private room, 3 rooms are available at $100 for the day. Private rooms are highly recommended for personal services.  We have outlets available for electricity; please let us know in advance if you need it.  You determine the price p/hour and are responsible for your schedule, income records, time clocks, etc. 

Payment Options:  A reservation is needed to reserve a space.  The reservation includes full payment for the space.  Payment options are business or bank check, or credit card. No refunds if canceled within 5 days of the fair.

 Applications can be mailed to:

 Sharing The Light Wholistic Center, LLC
 395 West Avon Rd.
 Avon, CT 06001
or emailed to 

Set Up and Break Down:  You may come in and set up 1 hour before the start of the event.  Please be ready for our 1pm start time.  Please remain available to prospective clients until 5pm, it is for your best interest.  You have up to 1 hour to break down. 

WiFi/Internet Service:  Is available to process payments. 

Food:  There are several places to eat or take out within a few miles of our center.  A list will be provided, upon request.

Do’s:  Be respectful to the organizers, your colleagues (fellow vendors), and prospective clients.  Keep your space clean.  Charge what you desire for your readings and take payment for all.

Don’ts:  Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the center and near any and all entrances.  No open flames- candles, etc.  No taping or tacking of flyers, posters, banners, and the like to our walls and doors.

Discounts:  We encourage you to have discount coupons available at the entrance for use by vendors and prospective clients.  Please honor them, as it is to your best interest. 

Raffle:  Please feel free to hold an individual raffle at your table.  You are responsible for contacting the winner(s) and keeping track of this for IRS purposes.

Please email ( a short bio and photo for reference in our “About the Psychic” book for the public to receive before scheduling their appointment with you.

We will be advertising this event on social media pages.  We ask that you reciprocate by advertising to your contact list, on your website, and social pages that you will be participating at our event.  NO Refunds are given due to low turnout!

Please note that Psychic fairs are NOT covered under our liability plan.  We highly suggest that you have your own business liability coverage in place.


Application Form for Psychic and Intuitive Fair 

Please fill out and initial/sign both forms and get them to us with a form of payment by the Sunday before the event!  Thank you!

 Business Name:

Contact Name: 

Business Address: 

Email Address:

 Business Phone: 

Contact Person:

Emergency contact name and phone:


Date you want to be a reader: __________________________________________

____ I would like a space for a 4’ table and 2 chairs……………… $50/$55*

_____ I would like a second table (if space is available)…………..$50

_____ I would like a private room……………………………………………$100/$105*​​​

_____ I need electricity at my space (no charge).  Please bring your own extension cord.

​​​​​​Total $­­­­­__________

*There is a $5 fee for each credit card processing fees, if we charge for you. 

_____ A business or bank check is enclosed, made payable to Sharing The Light Wholistic Center, LLC

____ I will be paying with a credit card   ___ Visa   ___ Mastercard   ___Discover   ___ AmEx

 Name as it appears on your credit card:

Card Number: 

Exp. Date:                  CVV Code:                    Billing Zip Code: 

 How would you like the description of your space or services to read in our promotional materials?


I have read this application over thoroughly and completely agree to abide by all outlined within.  I accept full responsibility for any and all non-compliance.



Business Name: